DFITS centre de services LRS

Decades of know-how and excellence

From the begining, Duty Free IT Services specializes in IT maintenance dedicated to duty free shops in different countries. Subsequently, DFITS became interested in new technologies and moved closer to LRS products dedicated to the development of products related to waiting management.

  • Simple solutions that streamline communications between customers and staff;

  • From messaging devices to client management applications.



ExperienceA computer engineer by training and specialized in new technologies, the company knows how to surround itself with new talents. Very reactive, it has managed to reconcile "experience" and "professionalism" with more than 30 years of practice. Being one of the precursors when it all started is one of the significant advantages.

1988 à 2018 : Moreover thirty years services and advice to professionals and individuals. Passage in multiple companies to share a know-how recognized by our peers but also by the entities which could profit from our talent to develop, manage projects and lead to the culmination of what was initially an idea.



Creation of the Duty Free IT Services company




LRS Centre de Service Certifié2018

Partnership and official LRS service center in France.




Création de LRS en 1995


LRS invents the client coaster pager. Today, we are the most deployed pager provider in the world.

LRS en 1997


LRS introduced the first electronic comment card, a big improvement over the paper comments that customers usually throw in the trash.

LRS en 1999


LRS patented the first cellular paging system. (Yes, cellphones looked like this).

LRS en 2002


LRS invented Key Call, the first table locator system for fast casual restaurants accelerating order to table delivery and improving turnover. The device also eliminates the run in the room made by a staff member when looking for a client in his establishment.

LRS en 2003


LRS won the California Restaurant Association’s award for innovation of the year – Technology.

LRS en 2004


LRS wins 1st place at the "Appliance Manufacturer" for excellence in design for computers, electronics and communications.

LRS en 2009


The participants of the Western Foodservice Hospitality Expo elected the LRS table localization system as the most innovative product in second place in the second prize of the "People's Choice Award".

LRS en 2011


LRS launches Table Tracker, the first technology that tracks and reports on the entire service cycle giving the food service industry intelligence in Big Data.

LRS en 2011


LRS is launching the first waterproof and antimicrobial pager – AQUA – offering health-conscious companies an attractive alternative when choosing a paging system.

LRS en 2012


LRS launches the first and only all-in-one waiting list application that offers customers the choice of paging via coaster or cell phone text.

LRS en 2013


Like the tablets that have taken over the world, we launched LRS Survey, an electronic tablet-based survey system. Today’s survey tool allows users to get response rates of 75% and above, giving businesses real-time data on customer reviews.

LRS en 2013


LRS is launching a promotional version of the anti-microbial pager – SafeTouch – giving companies the opportunity to update promotional messages by replacing the printed parts housed under the plastic coating of the pager.

LRS en 2014


Check Point – LRS launches Check Point, a tablet survey application created to help businesses collect feedback instantly. Like its predecessor LRS Survey, Check Point takes it to the next level with special features such as manager notifications, multi-location reporting and linking on questions to make it a unique survey tool and powerful.

LRS en 2014


Table Tracker 3.0 – LRS is rolling out the latest Table Tracker system to the National Restaurant Association this year. This table locator system helps occasional restaurants identify the locations where customers are located so they can fill orders faster. Through analysis and reporting, companies can measure delivery times and target areas to improve operations and performance.

LRS en 2014


On Cue – Managing the front door of restaurants is vital for every business. With this in mind, LRS launched On Cue for Restaurants, a wait list management application to help hosts manage customers while they are patient. This iPad application offers restaurants the possibility of integrating paging and SMS notification systems, correctly estimating waiting times and managing tables.

LRS en 2014


"Fast Casual Award" – In the magazine "Top 100 Movers and Shakers" in the "Fast Casual" section, the LRS Table Tracker was named among the 10 best technologies dedicated to catering in fast casual establishments.